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Three at a time!

Three at a Time

The times up at Uncle Bob's were the best. We went to Jungle Lake near Crandon, a small lake that was out of the way and not very accessible. They had just put in a new road to access the lake and we went fishing. The northern were just jumping in the boat. Dad had all he could do to keep us going. The boat had spun in the wind and my line came under the boat and I snagged the stringer. He was none too happy to untangle the mess. About five minutes later, a hit knocked the rod out of my hands and I managed to grab it before it was lost. When I had it reeled in, it looked like I had gotten the stringer again but now there were three fish on my line... Two on each of the treble hooks and the third fish had the line twisted around it's gills . The three must have hit the bait all at once. The very next cast my lure hit the top of the water and was immediately hit by a small mouth jumping out of the water - cool sight indeed!

- Miwaukee Slim

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