Resurrected Honor is a nonprofit organization designed to help those struggling with PTSD. We’re here to help people get beyond the storms of PTSD to find hope and healing, blue skies and sunshine.

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Resurrected Honor’s mission is to dispel feelings of isolation and despair, to educate and provide resources, and to create a new community of acceptance, encouragement and honor among wounded heroes living with PTSD.

Years of exposure to trauma, and often lack of support from their departments, puts officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians at high risk for PTSD. Dr. John Violanti*, researcher of police suicides, concludes that approximately 15-18% of working police officers in the U.S. have undiagnosed symptoms of PTSD. Marital discord, alcohol and financial problems are often the “presenting problems” and may only be symptomatic of the deeper problem - PTSD. There are 125-150 police suicides each year in the U.S. That’s two to three times more than are killed by felons, and seven times greater risk of suicide than the average American. In 2012, the average age of officers who committed suicide was 42 with an average of sixteen years on the job. Police suicides cost over $259,000,000 in lost time and expense of training new officers in 2008-2009.* The toll on families and friends is immeasurable. Police officers needing psychological help are often labeled weak. Fearful of the stigma, many officers don’t reach out for help. Some that ask for time off to deal with PTSD symptoms are told no. Early intervention means quicker recovery, saved relationships, saved jobs, saved lives.

*John M. Violanti, Ph.D, University of Buffalo.

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